Role Model Surprise

WOW it took my by surprise – I spoke at Kings School – the talk was about my father really with a bit of me.  The reason was the course of study for the classes was about chidlren and grandchildren of immigrants and their success. My dad, a German, immigrated to Australia after WWII, and built a successful life for him, mum and his 5 children.  (I’m the middle child, but eldest daughter).

ANYWAY post my talk a stack of children decided to do their project on me – I was stunned, honoured, amazed.

Here are some of their poster displays.  Such a surprise.

kings-sonja10 kings-sonja9 kings-sonja8 kings-sonja7 kings-sonja6 kings-sonja4 kings-sonja3 kings-sonja2 kings-sonja1 kinds-sonja5





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