Semi Retirement Cruise Speaker

Throughout my career I’ve given countless keynotes, talks and presentations (over 100 I suspect), therefore naturally when it came to considering semi retirement options, I hit upon “Cruise Ship Enrichment Speaker”.

It perfectly combines my love of cruising, desire for more, my passion for technology and my natural enthusiastic natural speaking style that is always motivational and passionate.

I’m delighted to say I have done a trial on cruise around Australia, and not only enjoyed the role and the extras that come with it, re engaging with passengers to continue the conversation. I was surprised to find I almost had celebrity status on board, where people called out to say they loved my presentation, came up tome to ask when I was talking next and on what topic etc.

Topics I covered were:

  • Artificial Intelligence (and how Hollywood portrays it) versus reality.
  • Pokemon Go (including images of Pokemon caught on the ship itself!)
  • Minecraft and why kids are so drawn to it.
  • Spam, Scams and Urban Legends  PLUS Viruses, Works and Trojan Horses (These 2 were the MOST popular attended ones). People moved to the front of the theatre to take photographs of my slide deck so they could keep the very practical hints and tips I provided.
  • Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality – including experience for some attendees using google cardboard. People swept me away to a lounge/bar area after this one for continued conversation and experiences.
  • The History of the Internet (this one probably had the most amount of post talk questions, we had to stop them due to other demands for the stage I was on).

ALL TOPICS were very well received, with people telling me I had explained things so well they now understood what it was about.  Some people asking to ‘follow me” which made me think I should set something up for that and sending out my practical hints and tips.


Since then I’ve received further invitations to speak, I just have to sort out my semi retirement so I have heaps of time to do so:-)

A few pics below (not crystal clear images but something:-) ALSO theatre looks empty but it’s a 600 seater – I got between 40 – 100 people attending, they tended to sit towards the back and spread across the theatre.  Those who know me and have seen me present know I’m a walker and use lots of hand movements to help describe what I’m talking about.

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