Hello, thanks for listening to my cruise talk(s).  I hope you felt both informed and entertained.

Below are the promised downloads/hints and tips for you.  Simply click the link of the topic you are after and the material will download to your device.


PS please do check back from time to time, as I am on more cruises I’ll upload more take home material here.  PPS your positive feedback below may help me with that goal of speaking on more cruises, or alternatively if you have negative feedback let me know so I can improve:-)


Facebook Etiquette

Internet Safety Sample Family Agreement

Internet Safety Risks Tips Download

TOP TIPS Sonja Scam and Virus

Sonja Brutal Spam Tip

App for That Info

App for That Detail

Gadgets and Gizmos Info


Tech Tips Guide

Blockchain Bitcoin Guide

LINK for HOTMAIL Filters

YouTube Video Link Create email Folders on iPad or iPhone



Link to Philosophy Web Site

Link to Robin’s Books on Amazon


I invite you to submit your feedback about the cruise talk(s) you attended.  I really enjoy doing them, and hope to be invited to do more, hence your feedback (both positive and negative) will assist me in that goal.  Thanks in advance:-)





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