Worlds Greatest Shave

In March 2011 I raised almost $10,000 for blood cancer research by talking part in the World’s Greatest Shave. Earning the title of largest individual fund raiser in IT in Qld.

I wanted to raise $10,429 – because $10,000 is  a nice round figure,  42 is well you know ‘meaning of life’ and 9 is a mathematically magic number I always enjoyed as a child.  Didn’t quite get there but close.

Before  and After Shots

Long long hair
Long long hair
raising funds for blood cancer research
raising funds for blood cancer research








Here is a video of the shave conducted by Australian Rugby Legend Shane Webcke, me I would have preferred an IT star given I’m not into sport of any kind.

Here is a video of the regrowth captured at 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year post shave.

Sci Fi Fan

Well science fact not really a science fantasy fan.

Give me Firefly and Andromeda and I’m happy.


Can’t go past “Who’s line is it anyway” – cracks me up every every time. I’m hoping to be able to fund Colin, Ryan and Wayne over to Oz for a party one day:-)


Classic, piano music, tenors, chopin etc.


I had a 19 year gap between my 2nd child (son) ad 3rd child (daughter) – 19 years EEK, what was I thinking – ah yes that’s right second husband:-)

Why I started ThoughtWare

I got sacked in 1999 – sorry my position was made redundant and me along with it.  After 1 and a half days of shock I decided I was good at what I did and NEVER wanted that to happen to me again, so started my own company.  And would never look back,  the redundancy was a silver platter for me.

In case you were wondering

The images on the scrolling header are made up of Hypatia – well that one’s obvious as it includes a quote, inspirations are Ada Lovelace, Hedy Lamarr and Grace Hopper (of course), Ayn Rand and Sarah Bernhardt are obvious (ps i selected Sarah because of namesake and the specific quote I used to say at industry presentations in reference to how much volunteer spending one did), and I HAD to include a screen goddess image that one is a cut from the xmas edition.  I LOVED that project, was disturbed that so many took my intention the wrong way and went off an tangents.  That calendar included so so much, geek puzzles, historical bits and pieces, women from across Australia spanning 20-65 aged group.  I put a LOT of thinking into it.

The lovely sunrise is over Antarctica and provided for the Doing IT project.

And here is a random shot of me In Peru (after attending and speaking at an APEC and LAC Conference).

Glorious Territory


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  1. Hi Sonja

    My name is Scott Morton and I am A Doctoral Candidate at the University of Southern Queensland. For my thesis I am wanting to test your theoretical framework of the STEMCell.

    I am based in New Zealand and completing my Doctoral studies via distance. Reading your book inspired me to look into the social disruptive era, this became a catalyst into looking at why young girls are not entering into ICT at school or looking at the industry as a viable choice.

    I am a lecturer in the IT field and have always wondered why we do not get a good mix of female and male students in our classes. It would be great to get your ideas of how this can change. My draft title is Generational effect: Are changes on the horizon for ICT.

    I know this is being forward but would it be possible to talk in regards to some questions that I have around your framework.

    Thank you for your time

    Scott Morton

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