In short I base my life and all activities on a reality- and reason-based philosophy.  AKA Ayn Rand style.

The funny thing (to me) about philosophy was I lived my life in a certain way, did what I did and presented myself as who I was, and it wasn’t until I met my now husband (when I was almost 40 years old) that I realised that was who I was, the way I presented the way I thought were because of my underlying philosophy and beliefs.  Before then I never really thought about WHY I acted the way I did, WHY I reacted, and WHY I liked certain music and art etc.

Now I know that I’m pretty much a facts, up front person with strong personal integrity.  I seek the reality/facts of what is and I present myself in the same way.

Since 1999 we have been held a philosophy salon (generally monthly) at our home, where people from many walks  and beliefs in life come along and we robustly discuss all the ‘banned’ topics of governments, education, religion and generally why things are the way they are and why people think the way they do.

This philosophical approach is also driven through my business ThoughtWare via our values:  (I sometimes like to show people the values banner and ask them which one(s) appeal to them (it’s a bit like a test really as it tells a fair  bit about a person).

  • Reality: What is, is, and there is nothing else. Quality decisions need true understanding of the facts, not wishful thinking.
  • Reason: Deriving rational principles from specific examples (induction) and applying good principles to specific goals (deduction).
  • Honesty: Consistency with reality in word and deed.
  • Integrity: Consistency with principles based on reason and reality.
  • Justice: Treating people fairly; we do not discriminate based on nonessentials such as race or sex, but we do discriminate based on character and performance.
  • Independence: Each of us is responsible for our own success or failure, by the use of our individual mind.
  • Productiveness: Commitment to getting the job done well, on time and within budget, via rational processes.
  • Pride and Self-Esteem: We perform our work in a way such that we can be justly proud of what we achieve. We seek excellence in what we do because nothing less will do.
  • Trade: We promote value for value interactions both within the teams we manage and with customers, as only when everyone is treated fairly and with respect can effective teamwork and outcomes result.


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