My current key public activity is the release of my’ tome’.  As a non academic I wrote an academic book (in semi academic style mixed with Sonja style) it’s almost 300 pages and references more than 470 other works.  The topic of course is women and tech.  HOWEVER it is with a difference!  Written based on my decades of experience in this field.  Here is a video of a presentation I did on IWD2014 it can be considered a preview chat with me about whats in my book.  I’ve also written book chapters/articles, as per below, plus used to be a ‘resident guest’ on radio more info below.

Sonja Writing – Professional Publications:

SB Book Cover

Women in IT in the New Social Era. (published March 2014) Research and statistics support the view that current programs are failing to keep women in the ICT field. Currently, there exist very few solutions to this growing problem.
Women in IT in the New Social Era: A Critical Evidence-Based Review of Gender Inequality and the Potential for Change aims to bring this topic to the forefront of discussion.


The Encyclopedia of Gender and Information Technology is the only reference work that provides an all-encompassing perspective on the way gender and information technology impact each other. Idea Group Publishing in early 2006. I wrote a chapter for this encyclopedia: “Boards, IT Skills and Women – the Australian Context.”


it-workers-bookIT Workers: Human Capital Issues in a Knowledge-Based Environment (2006: Information Age Publishing). I co-authored a chapter of this book titled “Employment Sharing for IT Micro and Small Business.”



Previously a regular contributor to The Education Technology Guide (published by the Australian Media Group). Topics have covered gender and ICT, ICT on school boards and nanotechnology.

HR Monthly magazine – March 2000: “The Failure of Integrated Systems” (arguing that specialist HR systems are probably now superior to those integrated with Payroll).

Author of an article on balancing IT and HRM input in HR systems selection and implementation projects in HR Monthly magazine, March 1999.

Author of an article on workflow in HR Monthly magazine, March 1998 (a magazine distributed to members of AHRI [the Australian Institute of Human Resource Management]).

Author of an article in the Asia Pacific Journal of Quality Management, Volume 4 Number 3, 1995: “Relationships between TQM, Marketing and Strategic Management”.


Sonja Chatting – Radio / Podcast

December 2006 – podcast in Silicon Valley USA: “Secrets of an Entrepreneur” plus “My life in IT”.

Late 2005-2012 – Resident “Geek Girl” on ABC Coast FM 91.7, 90.3 and 95.3 radio stations – providing a weekly spot highlighting technology issues. Ad hoc geek girl presentation on 613 ABD Brisbane.

2002 – Weekly radio spot, ABC 91.7 Coast FM, as technology & communications expert, on topics including:

  • sonja-radio-talk
    ICT on the Gold Coast
  • The impact of science & technology
  • Future technologies
  • Augmented reality
  • Nanotechnology
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Viruses, worms and trojan horses
  • Spam, scams & urban legends
  • Careers in ICT
  • Mobile technologies, e.g. Bluetooth & WAPsonja-abc
  • ICT acronyms
  • Movies and technology
  • History of the Internet
  • Distributed computing
  • Microsoft history
  • Humorous technology quotes
  • Women in technology

as well as providing timely, practical advice.

I also used to regularly provide general commentary and opinion articles in technology trade journals, and general media publications (online and in print).  Here is an article from CBA Women in Focus.


Sonja Speaking – Conference Presentations

I’ve been involved in various media activities and conference presentations. A common theme of all of them is my passionate speaking and hand movements (many often wonder if I have Italian heritage). In fact looking historically some years I think I did far too many presentations (and most were unpaid volunteer sessions).  The things you do, I note thought that in 2003 when I had my third child I slowed down that year!  Check out this list below and that’s not all as I stopped capturing them after a while.


2006 Presentations

2005 Presentations

2004 Presentations

 2003 Presentations

2002 Presentations

2001 Presentations

2000 Presentations

1990’s Presentations

Here’s some comments people have made re my presentations and style.

And here’s a pr spiel:

she’s smart, she’s punchy, she’s intelligent and manages to deliver presentations with a great sense of humour.She has an acknowledged everlasting supply of enthusiasm and energy that fosters motivation and drive in those around her.

Newspaper/Magazine coverage

From time to time I pop up in newspapers and magazines and of course around ‘Screen Goddess’, to a large extent, and ‘Doing IT’ and ‘Million $ Babes’, to a smaller extent, stories popped up everywhere.  Screen Goddess resulted in what I thought was massive exposure overseas in magazines, radio, tv, newspapers as well as internet stories.  Of course a fair bit of it was for the wrong reasons and invalidly presented.  But some super stories appeared in some countries especially in magazines that came out post the initial ‘stir’.

Stories profiling me and articles, discussing IT industry issues have appeared in VIVE magazine, The Australian, The Courier Mail, Asia Pacific IT&T Magazine, Business Class magazine, plus local newspapers, and industry-specific magazines and newsletters.  Once I was on holiday and opened the magazine provided by the resort and saw a picture of myself in it saying ‘spotted at …” – that made me laugh as I had no idea it (the photo) had happened.  Here is an article I found and never knew existed in it I share my view on women and leadership.

Got to love ‘lists’ they are so subjective in the end, the number, the selection criteria (if any really) and their purpose are all seem subjective to me.  Anyway I was listed in Business Class magazine — November 1998 issue as one of the “Top 15 Women in the IT Industry in Australia”.

And here as one of 18 Australian business women featured in the Australian Federal Government 2007 publication “Women Entrepreneurs” (download Women Entrepreneurs for free: 5.2 MB pdf file)

And here I am appearing in top 4 IT women on the Gold Coast in 2015.

Television Appearances

Not many but a few appearances over time.

2011 OAM coverage (of course):-)

In 2008 when I was in Peru attending APEC and LAC (Latin American Caribbean) women in tech conference in Arequipa local TV interviewed me than about my thoughts about Peru and specifically about women in tech in their country.  They said they selected me as it was obvious I was having such a great time and loved their country (as I did).

There was the 2006 infamous screen goddess media  (some of these surprised me as one TV channel managed to do an entire report including images of me talking and they had not interviewed me at all).

December 2005 — Channel 9 News appearance covering Hall of Fame Induction.

November 2005 — featured in half hour Your Business Success show.

An interview with me was used on a promotional video by Optus in mid 1998.

Appeared on Optus Television – “Women With Vision” show in late 1997 and early 1998

Here is a short video profiling some media interviews.

Here is a promotion video about moi:-)

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