my Fiverr 2 day experience

67% Poor – 33% Excellent!

I’ve used fiverr before and it’s been ok, so I thought I’d try out a serious business trial on some services. Given that most services I can buy on Fiverr for AU$6 to AU$20 for the entire gig, the buy in was small.

GIG 1: I fell for marketing spiel about mailchimp expert assistance (the most expensive of the gigs) – RESULT Generic non targeted advice. 2 page report where one quarter was a re hash of what I said we needed from mail chimp, one half was an image from one of our campaigns and one third was a minor statistics campaigns summary that’s readily available (and we had already detailed summarised anyway).  The remaining fraction was barely useful – there was one tiny tiny thing of interest but that’s it.  The report itself was presented on a poorly formatted word document, no headers or footers either.

GIG 2: So many people offer ‘crafting powerful 500 word content’ for you.  SO I bought in.  This one was extremely disappointing.  Obviously I misunderstood as the provided article was about us, words taken from our web site, and pieced together inaccurately I might add.  My read of the gig was a new article something of interest to our target market. BIG FAIL that one.

GIG 3: Promised to research and deliver 5 powerful headlines for our use.  EXCELLENT, well presented report and we were given 6 very powerful highly useful well targeted headlines that we are going to use.  I was so delighted I paid TWICE the asked for rate – however at $14 in total I think that’s high value!

I do have 2 graphics jobs I’m waiting on but they tend to be pretty good value, based on my past experience with graphics on fiverr.  In this instance I was interested in content and strategy advisors.  END RESULT 2 out of 3 WERE BAD, but hey in total, including the one I tipped, I only spent $33 so….worth it I think for me to gain a better understanding that you never know…  and it’s not necessarily true you get what you pay for, as I did get some gold.



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